MST Holding has a turnover of €20,254,000 in 2012 and provides work for 650 people

The company grew by 12.16% with respect to 2011 and created a further 20% in jobs


MST Holding, European service provider in customer service, has ended its last financial year, 2012, with a turnover of20,254,000, which represents a growth of 12.26% compared with the previous year. The figure, which is particularly positive in the current economic panorama, is even more so if we add to this growth the 20% increase in the number of workers, which have increased from 520 in 2011 to 650 by the end of the last financial year.


Amongst the reasons that explain this growth is that MST Holding enables an important reduction in costs due to their innovation and providing high quality services and high added value. This strategy has allowed them to include their customer portfolio in important national and international companies over the last few months, leaders in their corresponding productive sectors.


Simultaneously, a policy by Human Resources that promotes, amongst other things, equal opportunities, internal promotion, balance between professional and personal life, or awards and incentives aimed at quality in work, which allows them to maintain a workforce with a low rate of staff rotation, currently formed of 650 workers, between its offices in Barcelona and Madrid.


Compliance with its fortnightly plan


Despite the unfavourable international economic climate, MST Holding continues to comply with the targets established in their fortnightly plan started in 2011, formed of two phases:


I)    First two years of organic growth. This first target has already been met, according to figures of growth achieved in the years 2011 and 2012.


II)   Three following years of growth (2013, 2014 and 2015) with 50% organic growth and the other 50% by means of acquisitions and mergers.



The objective is for MST Holding to be within the 10 best medium sized companies in the sector in Europe and within the 10 best medium sized companies in Europe and the first three in terms of quality. Within their immediate plans, in addition to continue growing and positioning themselves in the sector, they want to achieve a greater market presence for their product eAlicia.com, a particularly innovative and revolutionary tool for the global quality management sector.


About MST Holding


MST Holding is one of the most technologically advanced European BPO service providers and likewise is one of the leading medium sized companies nationally in the continuity of the customer care business. It is formed of ten companies, each one of them specialised in a certain BPO activity. Although the company headquarters for MST Holding is located in Barcelona, where it has four production sites, the company also has a headquarters in Madrid, 1,000m2 in surface area, found in the financial centre of the capital.



Barcelona, 14th February 2013


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